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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a CPA Firm?

Hagen CPA prepares taxes & financial statements both for individuals and for businesses; we ensure that the taxes and reports that we provide to you are up-to-date with IRS and AICPA standards.

How can Hagen CPA help me?

Our Services Page can help you understand how we can help you.


The IRS called me stating that I owe money. What do I do?

THIS IS PROBABLY A SCAM! The IRS will not call you unless you contact them first. Most likely you will receive a letter from the IRS or your state listing any issues or questions they have.

I received a letter from the IRS or from my state that says I owe more taxes? What should I do?

Bring in your notice to Hagen CPA’s office and we can help you understand what you need to do.

My business is doing much better this year, but how will it affect my taxes?

Hagen CPA offers tax planning, and we can sit down with you to provide a plan that can possibly minimize your tax.

I cannot pay my taxes by April 15! Is there any way to avoid interest or penalties?

The IRS and most states allow for an installment plan when filing your tax return, bring in your tax information to our office and we can discuss our options with you.

Can I file an extension and pay my taxes later?

  1. Your taxes are due on the following dates:
  2. See PDF Chart of Tax Due Dates
  3. If you need to set up an installment plan, we can file it with your extension.
  4. If you will owe taxes on your return, we can help you estimate your taxes so that you can pay the estimate when we file your extension.

If I file an extension, how long do I have to file my taxes?

For your individual 1040 tax return, the extension gives you a 6 month time frame to file your taxes.

How much does it cost to prepare my taxes?

Please give our office a call at 608-754-8525 to receive a FREE tax estimate.

Business Owners

Do I need to collect Sales Taxes, and do I owe Sales Taxes?

Hagen CPA can research your business and your products or services to ensure you are correctly collecting and paying Sales or Use Taxes.

When do I need to start withholding taxes for an employee?

Hagen CPA can help you with all your payroll questions, please call one of our payroll specialists to have your payroll questions answered.

What forms do I need when I hire a new employee?

Click here to download our new hire forms.