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Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks provides business owners with a means to effectively track income, expenses, payroll, and much more.  As a ProAdvisor Firm, Hagen CPA can provide a discount when you initially purchase your QuickBooks software, provide support if you have questions, and can utilize your QuickBooks data to prepare your financials and taxes.

Hagen CPA recommends Intuit QuickBooks because it can make your life as a business owner much easier. QuickBooks is simple to use, easy to setup, and regularly improves the quality of their software. In addition to the standard desktop software, Intuit offers Quickbooks Online, which provides an “always-on” approach to accounting and allows multiple users in different locations to access and use a full QuickBooks interface in their browser.

To better tailor to business specifics, Intuit offers several different tiers of their accounting software. Quickbooks offers Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions; one of which will suit your needs whether you are a small operation or a large manufacturing company. QuickBooks can provide an easy financial software solution for any business model.

Hagen CPA understands that payroll is often the most costly expense for a business. QuickBooks has integration capabilities for most of the currently used payroll tracking software. Security is never an issue as QuickBooks offers secure backup capabilities, so your information can be stored safely whether on your server or online in the cloud. QuickBooks also allows users to integrate with other applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word which make analyzing data even more efficient and easier.

Give us a call today to determine if Quickbooks can benefit your business!