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Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is one of the most important services in the accounting industry today. Unfortunately, it is also the most overlooked by many tax preparation offices and CPA firms. At Hagen CPA, we strive to provide effective tax planning to all of our clients as a part of our overall “big picture” approach to our clients’ business and personal tax needs.

Tax planning encompasses a variety of strategies. We will discuss with you the timing of income, purchases and expenditures, as well as minimizing tax liability through a wide range of common deductions and credits.

Tax planning also involves looking toward the future to identify and manage future tax obligations and implement strategies to alleviate obligations you may have. All of the Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents and tax preparers at Hagen CPA have extensive knowledge in estimated payments, withholding and reducing income by investing in various personal saving options. It is this kind of added value service that separates Hagen CPA from other firms.

If you ever looked back and wished you did something to alleviate your tax liability in the past or were surprised by the amount of tax you owe, you are a perfect candidate for our tax planning expertise. Make an appointment today at Hagen CPA and let us help you minimize your tax!